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 A lot of things had changed over the last few months. Our Menu is greatly spread out in more details and into more sections to explain things even better!

We are a Highly Intuitive Couple With Multiple Talents on both of our backs. “A Jack of all Trades” so to speak.  As a Super Empath Married to a Heyoka Empath for starters. We are also Dream Masters, Herbalists,  Mediums, Telepaths, Psychics, Astrologers, Master Balloonist, Landscape Designers,  Master Florist, Chefs, Ordained, Teachers, Dog Trainers, Logo Makers, Business Card and Prayer Card Designers,  Botanists, Even been called Horticulturalists! With our combined talents we can do any event with confidence and grace. All of our talents we been doing for years. We didn’t just wake up and said were going to do this and see.. Everything we done or do has an educational background or preset experiences before we started our businesses. This helps you relax that even the people we subcontract out we known also for some time. Our Natural Personal Experiences of us in our Natural Bedside Manner can make even the strongest Narcissists curl in their skin. Having Several Licensed Psychological Workers and Therapists whom are also gifted readers as friends from around the world helps a lot when in a dire situation. Know that your dealing with people that had training  and did these jobs for some time and did not currently just open shop.  This enables you to see things they done over the years too. This also relaxes and calms most people down being around us, knowing your safe and in good hands can be so conforting even with out words. Sometimes you have to go by actions and what you see.

 We are the Best Balloonist in all types of ballooning in the Macomb County area! Our bedside manner has always match online with in person and we been told years later upon clients returning, ” Wow! You guys are still the same & had not changed a bit.” If your having an event or gathering and on a budget. We got you covered! Simple or fancy does not have to cost you an arm or a leg. We now are getting second and third generational clients! We do not subcontract other people out that we do not know or referring people who would be Toxic for your platform or event.. We do all our own work quickly without depending on other people to do it for us. Mostly we are known for our amazing set ups,  packages you can create to bedazzle your friends and family.   We have been known to be talked about in the Knot for weddings in the past. We been on Channel 2,4,&7 several times, events done at The Whitney Detroit! We have been part of St. Clair Shores Parades in the past and will still do some in the future. Wes was in 3 books and  also a magazine and currently still as an astrologer! You might of herd us on radio several times in the past as well. There is archived radio shows. If you want to google or request links we will reply. Plus possibly a new radio show emerging also. Therapists, books, advice, readings and also things going on with us! I will have guests also so please fill out the contact us at mk@mkfn.ws so you can be on the waiting list!!!

If your Looking for someone to landscape your property and need to know what plants will work?  We are not talking grass.  More on the lines of what bushes or what plants are abrasive, what ones will bring bugs and what ones repel critters. Let our years of farming and gardening advice work for you! Lets build your perfect landscape together! 



Having a seasoned team that can do anything and rotate in a business is empowering. It enables us to be efficient in a timely fashion. Make memories more fun with making people being more social by taking selfies with a photo frame out of balloons or a balloon background. Not Everything is one style. Just like your event  or project is unique. We keep up with the times and always update ourselves with the new things that are out there. We have a wonderful balloon support system of friends that we all teach each other and learn how to make epic figures in any size for you and your parties.  Some designs are as low as the famous $5 balloon Column. Most styles of the photo frame start as low as $75 and up. 


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