Gemstone Rosaries

These are Made to Order and the Prices can range from $50 and UP..

I like to Base them on Your Birthstones & Healing Stones. 

There is many ways of personalizing this item to you..

Takes up to 3 months for it to be completed or items to be shipped and  put together. 

Contact me if you would like this Item being made for you...

If this item is being shipped to out then you must pay a shipping fee depending on where your located.




There is mainly 2 different styles of prayer beads That I make.



1.)   Homemade chain with gemstones & crystals


2.)   Coated wire strand used in rosaries. or fishing line for those with metal allergies


You get to pick your charm  for this item.  Give me a heads up & I can see if I can have one carved for you..


These are turtles to the left and they are not for sale. They have been sold and using them as demo.  Crosses and any holy item also can be made from crystals that are carved or even gemstones of any type.


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Angel Aura


These blue crystals are quartz.  They are drilled and ready to be made in necklaces & items.  If you like to  order something with these they are in stock right now.



Only making 10 necklaces of them or prayer beads so ask what you want with them as gemstone or crystal beads.  


I do use paypal as a form of payment and must be paid in full to have starting on your item and  then have it delivered. Please remember to give me your address to ship it.  if you forget send a email to me at


Who says Rosaries has to have a cross on them to be one?



To the left here you see various ways to have a rosary made. I also do them in fresh or silk floral if you desire to.  Funerals or even weddings or holy moments.. memory pieces.. or for healing...


Some beads are not your normal style and I am always looking for the unusual and unique gemstone beads.


If I get silver crosses  they will come from Italy Only!

They will be stamped by Italy and also take time to be shipped to me. Then I can start on your order.

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