Discounted Prices Discounted Prices 

Crystals & Items Made to Order


Garden / Landscape cleanup

starting from just $25 n hour and up


In 2017 Mystic Keeper™ is  doing horoscopes matching celbs to yours  that match those picked in 2016.   If you want to be part of 2018 dead line is 3/29/2017

 If you want to be advertised in the online mall on this site, just contact anyone listed on the site to get a hold of me or facebook. Main Page has all the icon links to all social media.


Let us design a website or your landscape, or your wedding! there is so much check out the website and all the services even the psychic and medium services in the Halloween season can be fun!


These are Made to Order and the Prices can range from $50 and UP..

I like to Base them on Your Birthstones & Healing Stones. 

There is many ways of personalizing this item to you..

Takes up to 3 months for it to be completed or items to be shipped and  put together. 

Contact me if you would like this Item being made for you...

If this item is being shipped to out of the Mid-Eastern United States then you must pay a shipping fee depending on where your located.


Prayer Beads with Crystal

$15 & up set of 2

These are made for Healing By birthday. If you request these to be made I will make them always to match as a set. The types used depends on what its healing and purpose. Gemstone Healing is a support aid and does not cure things but allows the body energy and spirit to heal the body with Natural Energy and Modern Science. Its more about the Human Spirit  wanting to mark these for communication even in the afterlife. Mediums will be able to unlock the energy put in these.

 $5  Spider Necklace plus S+H

Sunstone Resin Stone Body 

Black Onyx Head

Quartz crystals





Crystal Necklaces

$20 & up

Made To Order with various styles of either metal or Gemstone/Crystal Beads with clasp

make them matching or different If you need pictures of them I have many on facebook upon request.. Also email is available or Live camera to see items.

This is an example  picture


$5 Horoscope Booklets

 These are business card size booklets  with dates to warn you of bad or good days ahead. Or types of days you want focused on. 1 year and can be on Relationships,  Work, Luck or Health.


These also may include death dates or circled dates, moon cycles and dates that will be highlighted by me. I can go only 5 years as a total  this picture shows one made 3 years long. My Nefew still has the booklet & uses it today. the price also include S + H


Relationship Booklets are $20 since they both get a copy of best compatablity on dates