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Getting Married?

♥  We Can Marry or Perform your wedding or sell you just a Marriage License, some of our deals you get this free ask if you qualify.

♥  Clandestine Gardens is the Floral Business we go through and has been around since 11/2000 

♥  We do make wedding cakes and also do some catering with deserts & food.

  If you bring us 3 quotes from a vendor that we do same thing. If we can beat that price we will and then some! make sure you get 3 quotes when your booking with us. We don't charge people to save a date with us just make sure you book 2 months before your wedding is all we ask. 


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Ever want to spider web your house with a reusable spider web made personalized for your home? Click Here

These are Made to Order and the Prices can range from $50 and UP..

I like to Base them on Your Birthstones & Healing Stones. 

There is many ways of personalizing this item to you..

Takes up to 3 months for it to be completed or items to be shipped and  put together. 

Contact me if you would like this Item being made for you...

If this item is being shipped to out of the Mid-Eastern United States then you must pay a shipping fee depending on where your located.

Click Here to see more Rosaries that are available to be sold.


Prayer Beads with Crystal

$15 & up set of 2

These are made for Healing By birthday. If you request these to be made I will make them always to match as a set. The types used depends on what its healing and purpose. Gemstone Healing is a support aid and does not cure things but allows the body energy and spirit to heal the body with Natural Energy and Modern Science. Its more about the Human Spirit  wanting to mark these for communication even in the afterlife. Mediums will be able to unlock the energy put in these.


 Want to get a Live Reading from :

Wes  / Mystic Keeper™

Rance Or Lacey

Book a Reading with us online or in person. Prices may be different with your party I do offer Coupons for larger parties and offer them to get items bought to only that party that night. Some  items may take up to 3 months time to make and to get all out of country items shipped to create pieces ordered.









3D Spider Webbing