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Jessica Morrison
10:36:09 AM
Thank you Wes for the reading and great guidance in a time I was not sure what to do. With your guidance I made the decision and it will greatly affect my future. XO
Amanda T
05:29:11 AM
Wes, thank you very much for the reading! I appreciated the guidance! :)
06:36:21 PM
Thank you Wes for the reading and guidance, it was so thorough. A great guide for coming days. Thank you once again Wes!
Linda Plotner
05:50:15 PM
This was wonderful Wes was so true what he had for me in the reading thank you so much
05:22:03 PM
Wes Thank you so much for the Awesome Reading you were Spot on!!
Stephanie Henderson
05:18:19 PM
Wes, you are very spot on with my read today. This confirmed so much to me and what I need to focus on and do next as I go forward. You're an Amazing reader with very accurate information. I appreciate your gifts so much. Looking forward to more future reads. I Highly Recommend you and your services to all. Thank You Again My Friend! Love and Light to You!
05:15:04 PM
Another amazing read. Loved the tarot cards design.